Diogenes was the shit.  He was easily one of the best philosophers ever.  He made himself the least wealthy person, hence living in a “Barrel”.  He also, upon seeing a child drinking from a river with his hands, smashed his only wooden bowl claiming to be “Bested by a child”.  He did public stunts to make a point towards customs and norms including eating in the marketplace in Athens which was generally not acceptable.  When Plato described humans as “Featherless Bipeds” he plucked a chicken and brought it to him, saying “here’s your man”.  Plato changed that description to “Featherless bipeds with arms”.  

And here’s where it gets real.

Diogenes the Cynic became well known all over.  In fact, Alexander the great, the one man who could have anyone killed just because, went out of his way to find him.  Upon meeting Diogenes, whom was laying on the ground, he said something to the extent of “Ah, the great Diogenes!  Is there anything that I, Alexander the Great, can do you?”.  Diogenes’ response was a crude “Yes, Get out of my sunlight.”

But, however, Alexander came back another time, to find Diogenes sifting through a pile of bones.  Alex inquired “Diogenes, what are you doing sifting through that pile of bones?” Diogenes the Cynic responded “I’m trying to distinguish between the bones of your father, and that of a slave.  I cannot tell the difference.”  An insult that any man would want the other beheaded for indeed.  But no, not Alexander.  

Alexander went on to later say that if he were not Alexander the Great, he would wish to be Diogenes.

Dude’s a motherfuckingbadass.

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Menander appeared in the dreams of Paulus, the comedian, and said: “I have nothing against you and you are constantly putting me down on stage”

Palladas of Alexandria (4rth century A.D)

Palladas about a talentless comedian, murdering Menander’s work on stage.

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